So, You wanna’ know the history of Sloppy Joe’s? Are you sure? Ok, well, the story goes something like this…

Picture yourself in 1933, the day after Prohibition has been repealed. You’re standing on the street in Key West, FL, looking to take in a sip of the nectar of the gods. Lo and behold, you turn around…it’s Sloppy Joe’s Bar, stocked full of all of the righteous booze you could consume.

Before that, however, “Sloppy” Joe Russell was an enterprising young man who even hung out with Key West resident and esteemed author Ernest Hemingway, slipping Hemingway bottles of Scotch at the time from his bar, “The Blind Pig”. Due to a common interest in art, writing, life, and philosophy, Joe Russell and Ernest Hemingway created a lifelong friendship that would go on to shape the culture of today’s Sloppy Joe’s.

Despite changes (some of them rough…consider that there’s a baseball bat still hung on the back of the bar in the Key West location to deal with unruly patrons,) Sloppy Joe’s is still host to fun events like the annual Hemingway Look-Alike Contest. Hemingway, who is still affectionately known as ‘Papa’, crafted his iconic white beard during his time with Sloppy Joe’s. Each July, the Key West location hosts a special competition to see who can become the next Papa, all while remembering and revering Hemingway’s historical draw to Sloppy Joe’s amazing brand.

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